Lexicon Freeda

Three Words: Free Document Assembly

Yes, Free. As in zero dollars. As in gratuitous. As in, "Here, have some."

At Lexicon Tools, we've been building document assembly tools for twenty years. And we think you shouldn't have to pay a fortune for it. And you shouldn't have to connect to a server and transmit your templates and data halfway 'round the world to generate your documents.

So we decided to give something back and create Freeda, our next generation document assembly engine. Freeda will be simple to use, yet extendible (and therefore powerful). Freeda will work with your existing data and Word documents. Freeda will be fast.

And did we mention that Freeda will be free?


Lexicon Freeda is slated for release in Q1 2012. To get updates about Freeda, sign up
to be a beta tester, or share your thoughts on how to make Freeda the best document
assembly engine ever, send us an email from the Contact page and put Freeda in the subject line.
(We won't pester you and we never share email addresses with others.)