Lexicon SearchLight

Revolutionizing the Way You Use Microsoft Word

Do you get frustrated with Word's limited search feature? With Lexicon Searchlight, you will be able to:
  • Search multiple documents or directories on demand, without complex setup or pre-indexing
  • Search for multiple phrases at once
  • Save and reuse searches
  • Save search results
  • Search by synonyms that you define
  • Search by hierarchies that you define (e.g., a search for "automobile"
    might return hits on "sedan", "roadster", "Buick", etc.)
  • Search by Word wildcards
  • Search by Regular Expressions (advanced pattern matching that allows
    you to find, for example, all phone numbers or all dates)
  • Fuzzy Search (e.g., click on a sentence and find other similar sentences, even if they don't match exactly)
  • "Sounds Like" Search
  • Search DrillDown
  • Concordancing
  • Preview all search hits at once in a single pane, in context
  • Navigate to a search hit in any document with a single click


Lexicon SearchLight is slated for release in Q4 2011. To get updates about SearchLight or sign up to be a beta tester,
send us an email from the Contact page and put SearchLight in the subject line.
(We won't pester you and we never share email
addresses with others.)